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Ladies White Heated Vest

Ladies White Heated Vest

The Jackoli™ Ladies White Heated Vest has been designed to be versatile, functional and fashionable.

Keep warm on those cold morning walks or watching the kids play sport. Camping, fishing and warming up after that swimming session.

We’ve designed the vest with a stretchable side panel so you can move freely while wearing it. The vest is perfect for sports like golf, skiing and motorcycle riding where you don’t need extra bulky clothing restricting your movements.

And don’t worry if you get your vest a little dirty. They are machine washable.


The Jackoli™ Heated Vest uses a slimline battery which powers carbon fibre 5 heat zones providing far infra-red heat to your body. There are 2 heat pads in the front and 3 heat pads in the back in the back.

Temperatures are regulated using the power button on the vest and feature 3 modes:

Low - 45º C | Medium - 50ºC | High - 55ºC

Runtimes are up to 4 hours with the 5,000mAH battery and up to 8 hours with the optional 10,000mAH battery depending on heat level and ambient temperatures.

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