Premium Heated Vest (includes 5000mAh battery)

Our Premium Heated Vest is a slimline polyester unisex vest powered by a lightweight, slim lithium polymer battery.

We supply a 5000mAh battery with the vest to give you up to 4 hours operation but if you want longer operation, we also offer additional and higher capacity batteries.

USB rechargeable from any USB charger within 4 hours (or faster with a high speed charger available from up us separately)

The vest features 3 heat settings (40-55 deg C) and 6 carbon fibre heat pads (2 front and 4 back) with a thermal protection module.  The controller/power switch is on the front of the vest. Simply hold down to turn on/off and click to cycle through the heat settings.

The vest is machine washable (on delicate cycle) after disconnection from the battery.

We offer a 12 month replacement warranty and easy swap over of sizes in case of the wrong choice.

Please note: our vest sizes are a big cut so please check out the sizing guide prior to ordering.  For example, if you are normally a "large" then you will only be a "medium" or a "small" in our vest.

If you aren't sure please call Steven on 0412 355 177 or click here to view the sizing guide

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