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5,000mAh Spare Battery

5,000mAh Spare Battery

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The 5,000mAh battery is suitable for our heated vests and jackets. Perfect for a spare battery or replacement to a lost battery it will give you up to 4 hours warmth.

Setting Indicator Runtime - 5,000mAh battery
Low heat White light Up to 4 Hours
Medium heat Blue light Up to 2 Hours
Hight heat Red Light Up to 1.5 Hours



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2 Year Warranty on HVS Vests

2 Year Warranty on HVS Jackets and batteries

2 Year Warranty on HVS batteries and chargers

For Warranty enquiries contact

(12 Month Warranty on Heller branded vests/batteries/chargers) (DISCONTINUED LINE)


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Q: How long does my battery take to charge?
The standard 5,000mAh battery typically take approximately 3 hours to charge with the supplied Fast Charger (2.4Amp).
Q: How long does my battery last in my vest or jacket?
* All times are "up to" and will depend on the conditions
 Battery Capacity Low Medium High
5000mAh 4 hours 2 hours 1 hour
10000mAh 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours
Q: Can I charge from my car or motorcycle
Yes. If you have a 12V cigarette lighter outlet you can use our PowerMini 4.8Amp USB car charger.   
If your vehicle has a USB outlet with 5v power then chances are the battery will charge from that outlet.
Q: What type of cable charges the battery
The battery uses a standard Micro-USB cable. If you need a longer cable or have lost yours, you can use any Micro-USB cable to charge the battery.
Q: Why are there 2 outlets on my battery?
No reason at all. You can use either outlet.  Note that if you use the second outlet with another device at the same time (eg phone/tablet) your battery will drain much faster.
Q: Will the vest work under my motorcycle gear
Yes. The vest is excellent for wearing under your motorcycle leathers. It will give out a gentle heat which will be retained by the jacket.
Q: Can I charge the battery while using the vest

Interesting question but the answer us no. The battery will stop outputting power whilst it is charging.


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