Selecting the correct size

Please read carefully the sizing guides for both the Classic and Premium vests below.  If you're not sure just call us on 0412 355 177 and we can help.  

You can exchange a size if you choose incorrectly. See our page on swapping a size here

Classic Heated Vest Sizing

  • Classic Heated vest sizes are SMALL so choose a size larger than you normally would!
  • Note: The Classic Vest sizing guide "Chest" measurement refers to the circumference of the vest

Premium Heated Vest Sizing

  • Sizing for the premium vest are ROOMY so choose a smaller size than you normally would! E.g. if you are a MEDIUM then choose a SMALL or XSMALL
  • Note: The Premium Vest sizing guide "Chest" measurement refers to ACROSS the chest (i.e. width of the vest) and NOT the circumference